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самолет красныйRed route
191€ (4990 CZK)
самолет синийBlue route
327€ (8490 CZK)
самолет зеленыйGreen route
449€ (11990 CZK)
высший пилотаж

Aerobatic flight

294€ (7890 CZK)

курсант летногоPilot for one day
197€ (5190 CZK)
vip_carTransfer from Prague
39.99€ (990 CZK)
цветы прага

Flowers (can vary from the picture)

34.99€ (950CZK)

Wine / Sparkling wine & Chocolate

29.99€ (800 CZK)

предложение руки

Banner with proposal on the ground

19.99€ (540 CZK)

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