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Romantic Rendezvous in Prague

Romantic Rendezvous in Prague

Bored with hand by hand walks in the park, silly flowers and another movie? It’s the time to organize original, memorable date for your partner! Today, comeing up with an amazing and fabulous date is very simple.

How to arrange a romantic date?

We offer an original idea of a romantic date, together with a flight in a private airplane over the castles of the Central Czech. An option to capture your adventure on video will retain memories for a long time and will allow you to share them with friends and family.
Use one of the suggested routes.

Romance in Prague-how to surprise his girlfriend

Romance in Prague

Reasons for such an event can be:
-A First date or when you want to express your feelings.
-You want to make a it in a different way then others.
-You want to bring a wind of change to your daily routine with your spouse.
-Make a memorable anniversary day.
-You decided to make a proposal of marriage.

Want to arrange a romantic date!

Marriage proposal

Marriage proposal in Prague

Marriage proposal in Prague

Did you ever told somebody you are in love? With an excitement of looking into her/his eyes?

A proposal of marriage not just will be said in the clouds. It also can be recorded. A prepared sign on the ground seen from above. The nature itself will witness a new Union between a man and a woman.

Every girl dreams of a beautiful and romantic proposal, not similar to others. Your proposal can be a real surprise, will give you a vivid memories and you will be able to tell with pride how did you proposed to start a new life in Prague, Czech Republic

Remember there is always a place for the romance!

to book your plane of love

How about romantic rendezvous?

    • If necessary, you will be picked up from your hotel in Prague or from home
    • upon arrival at the airport, the plane will be waiting for you with your personal pilot, which will show you the most beautiful castles and palaces of the Czech Republic
    • during the flight you can have a champagne or your favorite drink (by prior agreement)
    • on the ground we can prepare a picnic basket for you, Champagne, or other beverages (by prior agreement)
    • After the flight you will have time for a tour of the hangar, the airfield and take photos

We wish you a romantic day!

Unusual wedding package in Prague

Unusual wedding package in Prague