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Unusual excursion in Prague-Czech castles on a private plane

Unusual excursion in Prague-Czech castles on a private plane

Aerial tour – this is very unusual and very fascinating! If you wanted to see an ancient Slavic civilization and it’s heritage this tour is a must for you!

Every tourist, doing his traveling planing, is asking himself “what to see in Prague?”. Immediately after he can find tons of landmarks, a new question is coming: “How can I see it all?”, Prague-an incredibly beautiful city. All site recommend to visit by popular guidebooks, deserves attention. And especially the castles around Prague, which exist in an enormous amount. How is it possible to see them all?  In one day?

Air tour, visiting the Czech sights

Air tour, visiting the Czech sights

Well, it is difficult, because there are more than 2500 of them, but the main ones, the most spectacular and popular – easily!

Aerial tour on a private plane is the opportunity to see ten castles in only 60 minutes.

The untold secret is that majority of the castles around Prague are located very close to each other, but it is difficult to access them – as you may recall, the castle should have advantageous location on a hill for a better defense against the enemy. By plane you will not experience these difficulties, we will be flying directly from one exciting castle to another.

For those who have already visited Prague, aerial tour is an opportunity to get fresh impressions and a new look at familiar historical places. If you wish, you may even try yourself in the role of co-pilot.


In our fleet 2, 4, and 6 seats airplanes.

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hazemburk bezdez Castle Kokořín
  • Terezin – a city built in a shape of a star
  • Hazenburg – a gothic castle ruins
  • Labè River (Elbe)
  • Roudnice-residence of the noble family Lobkowicz
  • Ržip-Holy Mountain of Czech people
  • Litomerice – Summer place of Czech royalty
  • Roudnice-residence of the noble family Lobkowicz
  • Labè River (Elbe)
  • Kokořín – a romantic castle from the 14th century
  • Bezděz – a gothic castle, preserved in its original form the 13th century
  • Máchov Lake – the largest
    artificial lake in the Czech Republic,
    situated in national resort.
  • Terezin – a city built in a shape of a star
  • Melnik Castle – a scenic castle, on a junction of two rivers, Vltava and Elbe.
  • 5 additional castles of the northern Czech
  • Smečno Chateau – historical heritage of the
    Czech Republic
  • Kličava dam
  • Castle Krivoklat – residence of the Kings
  • Castle Tocnik – served as the Royal Treasury
  • Karlstejn – one of the famous
    Czech Castles, a symbol of Bohemian Kingdom period.
  • Big and small “America” Canyons.
  • Pruhonice – Castle in neo-Renaissance style
  • Castle of Stará Boleslav, where the amulet of the Czech land is stored at.
  • Roudnice – residence of the noble family, Lobkowicz
  • Other castles of central Czech
Route map of air tours in Prague, an unusual excursion by private plane

Route map of air tours in Prague

What is sightseeing flight?

  • If necessary, we can pick you up from your hotel in Prague
  • upon arrival at the airport, the plane will be waiting for you with personal pilot, which will show you the most beautiful castles and palaces that are not available to the ordinary tourist
  • It is cold outside, but warm in the airplane (aircrafts are heated)
  • Depending on the route, in a short time you will see between 5 to 10 attractions
  • After the flight you will have time for a tour at the hangar, the airfield and photo session

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Question. How to get there?
About. Airfield Roudnice 50° 24 foot 38.34.002 “N, 14° 5.695 14′” E
Go from Prague in the direction of Dresden on road E55, leave the road on 29-th exit in the direction of Roudnice nad Labem, the airfield will be after 1 km. on your left hand side. Map:
Question. Can we fly with kids?
About. From age of 2-3 years, please inform us in advance, your child might need a special baby booster seat.
Question. What to wear?
About. Everything you want (Dear girls: all you want, but do not distract the pilot)
Question. Is it possible to fly over Prague?
About. Flights over Prague historical center are prohibited (except landing corridors at Ruzyně + individual exceptions that require special permissions).
Question. How can I pay?
About. You can pay in CZK on the spot or by bank transfer when ordering or through PayPal (+5%)
Question. May I take pictures, shoot video?
About. Must do so!
Question. If I don’t have a car, how do I get there?
About. If you don’t have a car, please contact us and we’ll help you get there!
Question. How many people can fly in one airplane?
About. Our airplanes are designed to take 4 persons on board, 1 pilot and 3 passengers, if you are a bigger company, we can prepare for you up to three aircraft, that will fly simultaneously in a formation.
Question. During what season you fly?
About. We are flying all the year, the cabin is heated.
Question.  Is it safe?
About. Safer than the road to the airport, the plane and the passengers are insured according to EU airlaw.
Question. When do you fly and when is the best time to fly?
About. From dawn to dusk (and sometimes also night flights), the most beautiful time is 1-2 hours before sunset, also at this time, the air is smooth.
Question. Do you fly on weekends?
About. Yes
Question. Is there parking?
About. Yes, there is free parking in front of the hangar
Question. Can people with disabilities fly with you?
About. Yes, they can, depending on their restrictions. Let us know if you think you will require a special help.

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