Meteorology part 3 – Quiz

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Meteorology 3

Meteorology 3

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Heavy downdrafts and strong wind shear close to the ground can be expected... 

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Which stage of a thunderstorm is dominated by updrafts? 

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What phenomenon is caused by cold air downdrafts with precipitation from a fully developed thunderstorm cloud? 

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What information can be found in the ATIS, but not in a METAR? 

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In a METAR, "(moderate) showers of rain" are designated by the identifier... 

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What clouds and weather may result from an humid and instable air mass, that is pushed against a chain of mountains by the predominant wind and forced to rise? 

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In a METAR, "heavy rain" is designated by the identifier... 

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What can be expected for the prevailling wind with isobars on a surface weather chart showing large distances? 

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How is an air mass described when moving to Central Europe via the Russian continent during winter? 

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Measured pressure distribution in MSL and corresponding frontal systems are displayed by the... 

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What weather phenomena have to be expected around an upper-level trough? 

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What danger is most imminent during an approach to an airfield situated in a valley, with strong wind aloft blowing perpendicular to the mountain ridge? 

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Weather and operational information about the destination aerodrome can be obtained during the flight by... 

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What type of fog emerges if humid and almost saturated air, is forced to rise upslope of hills or shallow mountains by the prevailling wind? 

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Extensive high-pressure areas can be found throughout the year ... 

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What information can be obtained from satallite images? 

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What conditions are mandatory for the formation of thermal thunderstorms? 

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With regard to thunderstorms, strong up- and downdrafts appear during the... 

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Which type of ice forms by large, supercooled droplets hitting the front surfaces of an aircraft? 

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SIGMET warnings are issued for... 

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