Become a pilot for one day

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Become a pilot for a day with, try yourself in private aviation

Become a pilot for a day with the

Want to know what those feel like flying in an airplane? The easiest way is to fly himself to outline a plan to withdraw the plane on the runway, manage them in the air. Of course, everything is under reliable supervision of the instructor. Trial flight lasts about 40 minutes. This is enough time to get a lot of unforgettable sensations. As the plane moves? How do they manage? How fast it rises into the sky? And after a few seconds you are already under the clouds, where you can enjoy the views from the top. At your request, the pilot will show the movement of iron birds and some elements of piloting.

Take the first step into the world of aviation! 

“Become a pilot for a day” includes:

  • Preflight Briefing
  • laying of air route map
  • checking weather reports
  • external inspection of the aircraft
  • getting to know the basics of radio communication
  • taxiing on the runway
  • flying at an altitude of avian flight around Prague sightseeing
  • maneuvering the plane in the air
Briefing before departure, laying a course on the map

Briefing before departure, laying a course on the map

Views from the window of a small private plane, very different from the boring picture in a window of a large airliner. Aerial tour passes at an altitude of 500 metres-150 just so you have an opportunity to review the attractions and enjoy the picturesque landscape in detail. If you have any special wishes, please report them to the pilot.

In our air Park 2 ‘s, 4 ‘s and 6-bedded. Therefore, if you will be accompanied by friends, we will take them on board!

Fly on a small private plane is a completely new experience. Otherwise perceive the pitch and the surrounding area. Small aircrafts created for real romanticists!
There are many reasons to try yourself in the role of the pilot. Someone can not live without sky. Someone is trying to realize her childhood dream. Someone wants to get a good demanded profession. Someone is moving to civil aviation, and for some it’s just a hobby. Enjoy this profession during a trial flight, and when will understand that soar into the sky-this is your life, come join us on a course for pilots. No matter what the reason for your love of aviation, the main thing is that she was sincere.

Want to become a pilot for one day