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English test for PPL Theory students

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a long, flat surface, typically paved or cleared, used for the takeoff and landing of aircraft is called:

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A collision or impact between two or more objects, often resulting in damage or destruction also called:

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A weather event characterized by strong winds, rain, thunder, and often lightning can be called a:

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Give an example of multiplication

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a decrease or reduction in speed, pace, or activity

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This is a picture of

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To move or go upward, to rise or climb is also called:

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The antonym  of pull is:

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a sudden, unexpected, and often critical situation that requires immediate action or intervention to prevent harm

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At a gas station, we usually can find

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An act of asking for something or expressing a desire for something to be done.

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When you witness a heart attack, you will call:

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the distribution or transmission of audio, video, or information to a wide audience through various media channels

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Extinguisher is used to put down a ______.
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The process of moving or going downward is called:

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