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You were always dreaming of flying? Having a wish to ride the clouds, controlling the iron bird?

You are not alone, we, and many our students are sharing this dream with you.
Now it is your time to take a step toward your dream, becoming one of us, getting your pilot license and becoming a pilot.
Share the sky with other dreamers! It is easier than you may think it is!

private pilot

Private Pilot License – PPL EASA (European License)

This type of license is an entry ticket and your first step into the amazing world of civil aviation.

All the pilots flying airlines or just flying on weekend for their fun with friends are starting with this license first.

The course is built of 2 main parts, theoretical and practical.

*The theoretical part consist of 9 theory exams you should pass and Czech Aviation Authority – CAA (don’t worry, we will help you).
*The practical part consist of 45 flight hours, some being done with an instructor next to you, and some already as a solo pilot (yes, you will be flying alone).

  • Airplane control
  • Maneuvers
  • Take offs and landing
  • Navigation
  • Emergency procedures
  • Radio navigation
  • Solo flights over the airfield and navigational flight to 250km distance.

After passing the practical test with authorized examiner from CAA, you will be awarded a European Private Pilot License, that will allow you to act as a Pilot In Command (PIC) of a single engine aircraft, rent an airplane and fly worldwide on European aircraft.

The training can be performed on airplanes types: CESSNA 152/172 и PIPER-28 in Czech Republic with possibility to fly during the training to Germany, Poland, Slovakia and other European countries.

Private Pilot Training cost:  178 200,- CZK (w/o VAT, 01.01.2023)

Interested in more advanced pilot training?

  • IR
  • MEP
  • MEP/IR
  • CPL
  • FI/CFI
  • ACR
  • ATPL

 We are doing those as well,

Contact us for best prices,