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Flight as a gift!What to give your loved one, friend or colleague on holiday? This issue is set periodically by each of us. Because I want to do is not just a gift and an enjoyable and memorable surprise for a long time. With the gift certificate fulfill the desire is easy and simple! Let the recepient himself will select the suitable impression on your discretion: quiet, responsible role of co-pilot or something tickling nerves.


Delivery of certificates can be done in two ways. Either we will print absolutely free and will give you the certificate personally in hands in the Centre of Prague. Or send an e-mail and you print them yourself (or submit further).

How to use certificate?

Validity period-3 months from the date of purchase. We don’t have the tedious procedure of activation! All easy! A few days before the alleged events call on direct phone certificate for booking dates. Order a gift certificate

Your gift certificate will look like this:

Order your certificate to your loved ones!